Last Will and Testament: The Benefits of Estate Planning

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Last Will and Testament: The Benefits of Estate Planning

After I had an accident and had to spend some time in the hospital, I decided that it was time to make a will and do some estate planning. After all, you never know what is around the corner, and I would hate for a family member to miss out on inheriting from me if I were to suddenly pass away. I worked with a lawyer to draft a will. We then discussed the various ways I could arrange my estate. I had been worried that I wouldn’t understand the different legal terms, but my lawyer took the time to carefully explain them. I am now much happier knowing that everything is in place. I decided to set up this blog to offer tips to other people who are in the process of planning their estate.


Aspects to Consider When Relocating with Children after Divorce

3 April 2018
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In divorce or separation cases, the primary consideration of a family court is always the well-being of the children. One way that courts look after children during the separation of spouses is allowing both parents access to the kids. However, if you have sole physical custody of children during your divorce and you wish to relocate, then the situation becomes a bit tricky if your partner has joint legal custody. If you find yourself in such a case, this article highlights what is expected of you. Read More …

Family Law – Determinants of Spousal Maintenance

26 February 2018
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Considering how emotionally draining divorce proceedings can be, it is not surprising that some couples may turn on eh other at the dissolution of their marriage. Resultantly, every step in the divorce process becomes combative rather than collaborative. With this type of mentality, it is unsurprising that some couples may view spousal maintenance a punishment or reward depending on which end of the spectrum they stand. The payee may feel like they are being punished for leaving whereas the receiver may feel like the spousal maintenance is owed to them. Read More …

3 Tips for a Stress-Free Child Custody Battle

22 January 2018
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Fighting for custody of a child or children is the last thing parents wish to do. While exes might have irreconcilable differences, involving children when solving spousal disputes is not recommended. There are situations, however, where the best possible solution is to fight for full or partial custody of children. It usually happens when one spouse believes that the children are better off living with them than with the other partner. Read More …

A Walkthrough of The Debt Recovery Process in Australia

4 December 2017
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As a business, it can be frustrating to deal with customers who have defaulted on their debts and are yet to pay you for goods or services that you provided. That is why it is a common practice for businesses to defer debt recovery efforts to debt collection experts. However, it is important for such businesses to be aware of the debt recovery process and the legal framework that surrounds debt collection in Australia. Read More …

Criminal Charges: Understanding the Common Offences Against Justice

3 November 2017
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Criminal offences and charges can have long-lasting repercussions on an individual's future. Therefore, most people will take every possible action to avoid being prosecuted and penalised. Unfortunately, numerous defendants do not understand that their conduct after the initial arrest can escalate their situation. In some cases, the actions can lead to some additional criminal charges being filed. So, it is critical for you understand the offences which are considered to be crimes against justice if you are involved in a criminal case directly or indirectly. Read More …