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Last Will and Testament: The Benefits of Estate Planning

After I had an accident and had to spend some time in the hospital, I decided that it was time to make a will and do some estate planning. After all, you never know what is around the corner, and I would hate for a family member to miss out on inheriting from me if I were to suddenly pass away. I worked with a lawyer to draft a will. We then discussed the various ways I could arrange my estate. I had been worried that I wouldn’t understand the different legal terms, but my lawyer took the time to carefully explain them. I am now much happier knowing that everything is in place. I decided to set up this blog to offer tips to other people who are in the process of planning their estate.


Don’t let social media mess up your injury claim

25 January 2017
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When a lot of people file a personal injury claim, they aren't aware that the defense attorneys can visit their profiles on Facebook and other social networking sites. Many people have a fascination with sharing whatever happens in their lives with the online world and the lawyers know this all too well. As a result, this is one of the first places they will conduct their investigation in order to ascertain whether or not your injury is fake or find mismatching statements with a view of punching holes into your claim. Read More …

Avoiding bankruptcy as a person with a mental incapacitation

19 January 2017
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If you are a person with a limited mental capacity or the carer of a person with mental incapacitation, it can be hard to ensure that bills are always paid on time and that the person does not take on more debt than they can pay. Here are some tips to avoid bankruptcy. Sign a power of attorney Most people with a limited mental capacity will have a power of attorney with a trusted person such as a parent or spouse needed to co-sign on any debts. Read More …

Divorce: What to Do if You Can’t Contact Your Partner

16 January 2017
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If your relationship with your partner has broken down, you may have lost contact with them. While you may be pleased to be free from your partner, them not being around could pose a problem if you decide to file for divorce. Australian citizens can only apply for a divorce 12 months after you have chosen to end your marriage. You will need to fill out the relevant paperwork and file it with your local Federal Circuit Court. Read More …

The Importance of Commercial Law to Your Business

9 January 2017
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New businesses are created each and every day, each with the aim of becoming profitable and successful. This is the first step that all businesses should start with, but you should also remember the legal aspect of things and its importance in your business. Commercial law specifically deals with the development and establishment of new business ventures and any issues that may arise as the business interacts with the government, other companies, and the public. Read More …

What to Do When People Or Corporations Owe You Money

20 December 2016
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When you operate your own business, it can often be difficult to make ends meet on a day-to-day basis. Your financial projections will take into account money that is owed to you by individuals or corporations and the receipt of this money will have clear implications when it comes to your cash flow. So, it goes without saying that people who refuse to pay can place you under great hardship. What options do you have to consider? Read More …